Advanced CNC Machine Shop, Inc. Equipment List.

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Mazak QTN‐350 (3)

The QUICK TURN 350 CNC turning center brings together advanced technology, productivity and value to deliver exceptional performance.
Max. Swing 26"
Max Machining Dia. 16.5"
Bed Length 60"
Spindle 4.5" Thru Hole.

Mazak QTN-450 (1)

The machine features a standard, large spindle bore
capacity of 7.28" for a variety of through-hole applications. The standard 50-hp integral turning spindle motor allows the QUICK TURN 450 to process a wide range of medium or larger-diameter parts.
Max. Swing 33.26"
Max. Machining Dia. 22.83"
Bed Length 80"
Spindle 7.28" Thru Hole.

Mazak M5-N (4)

The Mazak M-5N Turning Center delivers heavy duty machining capability and features a flat-bed construction for easy work access and chip flow. The dual turret
configuration streamlines the processing of large, long parts.
Max. Swing 24.02"
Max. Machining Dia. 22.83"
Bed Length (3) @80" (1) @120"
Spindle 7.1" Thru Hole.

Mazak Power Master Universal (1)

The POWER MASTER N Universal CNC Turning Center is designed for heavy duty cutting of large-diameter, long shaft work pieces. The machine features a flat-bed construction for easy access and chip flow.
Max. Swing 34"
Max. Machining Dia. 33"
Bed Length 120"
Spindle 10.25" Thru Hole.

Hass VF3YT/50 (1)

The Haas 50‐Taper VF3YT is a workhorse.
Tool Taper CAT 50
Table Travel X=40"
HRT310 4th Axis Rotary Table.


Shop Routing System, Sawing 13"Dia Capacity, Stenciling & Engraving, GageMaker Software & Mic‐Trac, Hardness Tester, etc.